Cannabis-Sponsor PPIB-2018Professional Program Insurance Brokerage
Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry One Program at a Time

PPIB was formed in 1993 for the purpose of developing insurance programs for industries without programs. PPIB first tackled the cosmetic tattooing. Aligning with industry representatives, PPIB developed underwriting standards, applications, and endorsements. PPIB then put together a similar program for tattooers and piercers. This remains the leading program in America with unique endorsements for their needs.

In 2000, PPIB recognized the Medispa/Laser industry was going to boom. PPIB worked with doctors and specialists to understand lasers, Botox/dermal fillers, and wellness. In 2016, PPIB began a program with a domestic carrier.

In 2011 PPIB was getting daily calls from brokers seeking coverage for cannabis operations. PPIB spent months studying the industry and then found carriers to effect a program. Over the next 4 years, PPIB learned how to make a profitable program.

PPIB continues to lead in insurance innovation. Underwriting staff is made up of specialists that truly understand our industries. Programs include pyrotechnics, medical directors, circuses and carnivals, beauty businesses, products liability and smoke/vaping shops. PPIB prides itself on our ability to assist brokers with unique progams

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