Cannabis Insurance Company

Cannabis-Sponsor Cannabis-Insurance-CompanyThe Cannabis Insurance Company - National Partner for Insurance Agents covering the Cannabis & Hemp Industries!

We are where Insurance Agents, Cannabis and Hemp meet. We work closely with our Carrier network to provide the most cannabis specific policies and forms in the industry. Through our "CHAT" certification (Cannabis & Hemp Agent Training) we work closely with our Agency partners to provide the most comprehensive coverages, training, and support, in order to fully protect this complex and challenging business. Navigating these challenges requires a specialized focus and understanding of the various business segments that encompass a cannabis enterprise whether it’s an Owner, Investment Group, Cultivation, Dispensary, CBD/THC Extractor, Delivery, Manufacturing, Testing Facilities, Ancillary business or any combination.

Carriers and Agents can access key account information through CHAMP our (Cannabis & Hemp Agency Management Portal) leading the industry in cloud-based quoting, policy issuance and reporting.

As a cannabis & hemp exclusive Program Administrator, we take seriously our mission statement of "Protecting the Industry and the People in it!"