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Opening remarks

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Preparing for legalization throughout New England

As many states continue their fight to legalize recreational cannabis, the northeastern cannabis market is poised to face major changes in 2020 and beyond. In this session, gain insight on the latest regulations, market trends and developments within the cannabis industry that will impact insurers.  

  • Examine how legal cannabis policies have been handled in Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine.
  • How are new vaping regulations and the SAFE Banking Act affecting the northeast cannabis market and its insurance providers?
  • How is the insurance market evolving under new laws?

9:45 am

Transitioning from medical to recreational cannabis clients

Since companies are expanding from medical into recreational cannabis, insurers need to adapt their offering to continue serving their clients and reaching new customers. This session will discuss how insurance companies can progress to serve recreational cannabis clients.

  • Navigating the differences between medial and recreational cannabis and the differing coverage requirements
  • What steps can insurers take to respond to the needs of recreational cannabis clients?
  • What other areas of the cannabis market are evolving and what impact does this have on insurance?

Chantal Roberts

Principal CEO , CMR Consulting

10:15 am

Coffee and networking break

10:35 am

Panel discussion: What cannabis clients truly need in a coverage policy

The cannabis industry remains an underserved market segment, which means insurance professionals that can provide their clients with outstanding coverage will prevail. In this panel discussion, hear from insurance professionals and cannabis companies on the inner workings of manufacturers, retailers, and dispensaries to gain insight on where risk lies and what coverage is needed.

  • What are the key risk areas that require comprehensive coverage?
  • How are cannabis companies mitigating loss and what impact does that have on coverage?
  • What existing insurance products have served cannabis companies well in the past? What is lacking with these products?


Erich Schutz

Broker , NIF, a JenCap Company

TJ Riley

Financial Advisor & Insurance Specialist , Empire Welath Strategies

Rich Vazquez

Managing Director , Hotaling Insurance Services

David Kennedy

Founder & CEO , Purple Risk Insurance Services

11:20 am

Beyond bud: Hemp, its applications and coverage needs

Hemp has garnered new interest for its versatile industrial and medicinal applications. A derivation of the federally illegal cannabis plant, hemp and its products are subject to different regulations and demand specific coverage. This session will explore the current status of hemp, its unique risks and similarities to agricultural client's needs.

  • How is hemp developing commercially, and how does this differ from CBD?
  • In what ways are hemp-derived products being addressed by the insurance market?
  • Crop insurance: The effects of the 2018 farm bill on insurance

11:50 am


12:45 pm

Panel discussion: Market expansion: The ins and outs of the booming CBD industry

While cannabis continues to be federally illegal, CBD edibles, extracts and topicals have flooded the market in recent months with different coverage requirements and regulations. This panel of experts explains the CBD market’s status, new regulations, coverage opportunities and loss mitigation techniques.

  • FDA codes: How they are impacting the insurance industry
  • Examine cases of false advertising or claims and their effect on risk assessment and mitigation
  • How does liability differ when dealing with ingestible CBD products?


Tom Murphy

Founder , Wholly Health CBD

Sheri Tarr

Founder , 68 Partner

Jessica Gonzalez

Cannabis and IP Attorney , Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C.

1:30 pm

Networking break

1:45 pm

Emerging sectors within cannabis insurance

From workers’ compensation to transportation liability, cannabis’ status as a schedule 1 drug affects many unseen areas of insurance. In this session, examine niche sectors of coverage needed within the cannabis industry.  

  • D&O/E&O Coverage – Where the marketplace is today and how to ensure you have the right coverage in place for your clients 
  • Cargo Insurance – Where are the gaps in coverage and experience within the cannabis marketplace?
  • How is transportation and excess liability and commercial property insurance being affected by cannabis?
  • Micheal Sampson

    Partner, Insurance Recovery Group & Co-Vice Chair of the Cannabis Law Team , Reed Smith LLP

2:15 pm

Fireside chat: Insuring a controlled substance: A deep dive into product liability

High risk businesses, such as cannabis, present particularly complicated liabilities. What if someone is injured while using cannabis products or has a bad reaction? Do your client’s current policies cover those losses? This session examines product liability and insurance solutions best suited to protect your clients.

  • Where does liability lie if a consumer is injured, becomes ill or has a bad reaction from a product?
  • Lessons learned from previous cases of loss, stemming from holes in product coverage
  • How to protect your clients against product risk as the market continues to expand
  • Jon Malave

    CEO , QAcanna - Quality Assurance & Compliance

    Adam Dolan

    Partner and Co-Chair of the Cannabis and Hemp Law Group , Goldberg Segalla, LLP

2:45 pm

Closing remarks

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