IBA Cannabis Duane-Sinning

Duane Sinning

Growing up in eastern South Dakota and had the good fortune of living in an urban environment during the cold winters and the luxury of a rural farming life during the summers. A graduate of South Dakota State University with Bachelor Degrees in Agricultural Business- Horticulture, and Commercial Economics.

I began my career as a farm manager Iowa overseeing more than 1000 acres of nursery production before moving to Michigan where I managed the operations for a national horticultural company in Michigan and Arizona. In 1988 I moved to Colorado in 1987 as a senior sales consultant to the greenhouse industry overseeing plant breeding projects, product selection, sales and market development. In 2000 I joined an ornamental plant breeding company headquartered in Germany as the North Americana Vice President of Sales and Marketing tasked with expanding their market presence and improving distribution operations. After restructuring the business to better position the company for growth and adding staff to meet their growth I took over as Vice President of Global Key Business Relations and Product Development.

Before joining the Colorado Department of Agriculture in managed Cargill’s only plant breeding to redesign and improve systems for traditional and GMO production. One of the key elements was to design structures to mitigate the risk involved with GMO breeding and compliance. I joined the Dept. of Ag in the spring of 2014. As the Assistant Director of Plant industries and helped develop the rules and implement Colorado’s Industrial Hemp program.