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Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis, Esq. is on a mission to help people buy, grow, sell and use marijuana without fear of prosecution.  Trained as a prosecutor in New York City and then Denver, Lauren has a unique perspective on the topic.  Since 2009, The Law Office of Lauren C. Davis, LLC has been advising marijuana business at all stages of operation, from corporate formation to business development to licensing and regulatory compliance. Lauren has helped hundreds of clients throughout Colorado create and operate State-legally- compliant businesses.

Lauren works closely with local and state regulatory agencies, tax specialists and business professionals to effectuate desired outcomes for her clients.  With prior government work experience in legislative policymaking, appellate law, and law enforcement, Lauren has a well-rounded insight in  the issues at stake for the marijuana community.   Lauren’s intricate understanding of the justice system - from how law enforcement investigates a case, to how a District Attorney puts together a prosecution - is critical to protecting her clients and keeping them out of legal trouble.

Lauren has been a key member of the legal teams involved in cutting edge marijuana litigation throughout Colorado.  She has served on the Governor’s A 64 Task Force Law Enforcement Committee, taught CLE’s on business licensing, guest lectured at DU’s Marijuana Law and Policy Class and has been hired as an expert witness by other lawyers around the State.  Lauren runs her own private boutique practice in Denver.  She holds a Juris Doctor from the top ranked New York University School of Law (1998).