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Registration and networking breakfast

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Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

Charles Warner

Editor-in-Chief, Innovation & Tech Today/Cannabis & Tech Today & Innovative Properties Worldwide, Inc.

9:00 am

Panel discussion – Understanding new regulations and market conditions

The cannabis industry is fast-moving and is subject to fluid market conditions. Since Cannabis Cover 2019, Illinois has legalized recreational cannabis, the SAFE Bank Act was passed by the house and problematic vaping has greatly affected legal cannabis. Due to multiple changes in the market, 2020 is set up to be an even more defining year for cannabis. In this panel discussion, hear from industry experts on new regulations, market trends and future developments within the cannabis industry that will impact insurers nationwide.

  • What are the insurance implications of the SAFE Banking Act, vaping laws and other 2019 regulatory acts?
  • Are there new or evolving cannabis related regulations occurring in 2020 and beyond?
  • How is the insurance market evolving under new laws to support industry developments?


Phillip Skaggs

Assistant Counsel, American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS)


Ben Leonard

Associate Attorney, Vicente Sederberg LLP

Chelsie Spencer

Attorney, Ritter Spencer

Kevin Maher

Senior Underwriter, Canopius Group

9:45 am

Panel discussion – Cannabis 101: what cannabis clients need in a coverage policy

The cannabis industry is an extremely underserved market segment. Because of the small pool of carriers offering coverage, brokers struggle to find coverage that serves every one of their client’s changing needs. In this panel discussion, hear from insurance professionals and cannabis companies on the inner workings of manufacturers, retailers, and dispensaries to gain insight to where risk lies and what coverage is needed.

  • What are the key risk areas unique to the commercial cannabis industry in need of more comprehensive coverage?
  • How are cannabis companies currently mitigating loss and how do these best practices impact coverage?
  • What insurance products exist that have served cannabis companies well in the past? What is currently lacking with these products?


Chris Boden

Cannabis Practice Group Team Leader, Crouse and Associates Insurance Brokers


Jeff Michalski

CFO, Native Roots Cannabis

Zach Stock

CEO, Stock Insurance Group/Elevated Risk Advisers

Rocco Petrilli

Chairman, THE NCRMA

10:30 am

Morning refreshments and networking break

10:50 am

The effect of cannabis on workers’ compensation

As the nation continues to trend towards the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, employers are questioning its effects on workers' compensation. This session will explore the impact of cannabis on workers' compensation cases and the workers' compensation risks related to all aspects of the cannabis industry.

  • What are employers' liabilities when medical marijuana is involved in compensation claims?
  • How can cannabis companies mitigate workers' compensation risks for dispensaries, manufacturers, growers, etc.?
  • What are new exposure liabilities that have come to light recently?

Andrew Newcomb

Workers Compensation Attorney, Kaplan Morrell

Ronda Cordova

Workers Compensation Attorney, Kaplan Morrell

11:30 am


12:45 pm

Panel discussion – Strategies for effective claims handling

Loss is inevitable in high risk industries and cannabis is no exception. This panel discussion examines the latest claims trends and coverage pitfalls seen throughout the industry, and the best practices for assessing loss.

  • What are the most common trends in cannabis loss claims?
  • Where have coverage policies fallen short, leaving room for costly losses?
  • What are the best strategies for handling and accessing claims when they occur?


Chantal Roberts

Principal CEO, CMR Consulting


Jodi Green

Partner, Nicolaides, Fink, Thorpe, Michaelides and Sullivan LLC

Gerrit Nagarwalla

Claims Supervisor, Canopius Group

1:45 pm

Networking Break

2:15 pm

Insuring a controlled substance: a deep dive into product liability

High risk businesses, such as cannabis, present particularly complicated liabilities. What if someone is injured whilst using cannabis products or has a bad reaction? Do your client’s current policies cover those losses? This session deep dives into product liability and insurance solutions best suited to protect your clients.

  • Where does the liability lie if a consumer is injured, becomes ill or has a bad reaction from a product?
  • What lessons can we learn from previous cases of loss stemming from holes in product coverage?
  • How can clients be protected against product risk as the market continues to expand?

Gerry Jones

CEO, CIS Insurance Services, LLC

2:50 pm

Panel discussion – Market expansion: The ins and outs of the booming CBD industry

While cannabis continues to be federally illegal, Hemp and CBD products have flooded the market in recent months, with different coverage requirements and regulations. This panel of experts explains the hemp market’s status, new regulations, coverage opportunities and loss mitigation techniques in this sector.

  • What are defining differences between the hemp, CBD and cannabis industries?
  • How have recent changes to regulations, including the 2018 Farm Bill and FDA codes, effected the insurance industry in this sector?
  • How does liability differ when dealing with ingestible CBD and hemp products?


John Deneen

Commercial Underwriting Manager, Burns & Wilcox


Micheal Sampson

Partner, Insurance Recovery Group & Co-Vice Chair of the Cannabis Law Team, Reed Smith LLP

Mark Brannon

Principal and Senior Consulting Actuary, Merlinos & Associates, Inc.

3:50 pm

Closing Remarks from the Chairperson

Charles Warner

Editor-in-Chief, Innovation & Tech Today/Cannabis & Tech Today & Innovative Properties Worldwide, Inc.

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