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Norman Ives

Broker, Cannabis Specialist – NutraRisk, Worldwide Facilities

Norman Ives is a wholesale insurance broker specializing in custom insurance products and risk management for the cannabis industry. He currently serves as a Cannabis Specialist at NutraRisk, a division of Worldwide Facilities—and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Cannabis Alliance.

As a founding member of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), Ives is a pioneer and subject matter expert in the nascent cannabis sector. He is often quoted in industry press and is a frequent panelist and speaker about the cannabis industry and its emerging insurance exposures and needs.

Previously, the Cannabis Program Manager for Mosaic Insurance Alliance, Ives placed cannabis policies in legalized states throughout the western United States. Prior to working for Mosaic Insurance Alliance, Ives served as Commercial Sales Specialist for Valentine Insurance Agency / Farmers Insurance, where he specialized in custom insurance for clients in the real estate, restaurant, and retail industries.