Rocco Petrilli

Chairman, THE NCRMA

Rocco offers unique and powerful know-how to many businesses.His skill set combines a sound technical background with extensive process experience at mid and executive levels of general and operations management, project management and broad leadership roles.He has successfully applied his passionate and committed leadership style through C LEVEL and BOD permanent and interim positions in various industries.Rocco has navigated a successful30+ year career with an execution-based philosophy fueled by passion and commitment to the principles of planning, formal project management, accurate measurement and reporting and single point task accountability. In serving companies from start-up to Fortune 500, he has been part of achieving multiple team victories through creating the proper organizational architecture (right people in the right places) from a foundation made up of the key building blocks of execution. A solid and strong affinity for strategy, innovation and lessons learned based corrective action have been the background for his career. Rocco earned a BSc in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, 1982 and is a veteran of the automotive components manufacturingindustry.