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Veracity Insurance Solutions is an international insurance brokerage firm specializing in the placement of Programs, General Liability, and Product Liability Insurance. The company was established on the basic principle of integrity in insurance, and that principle continues to permeate our business today. Innovation and knowledge are the cornerstones of Veracity’s business practices, giving our customers a leg up in what can be a confusing and hassle-filled industry.

With in-house underwriting authority and access to several key wholesale brokerage markets, Veracity stands out with its ability to customize insurance policies for all business sizes. This ability doesn’t stop at the oceans – Veracity has access to both domestic and foreign markets, opening doors that lead to only the best coverage options. Veracity prides itself on providing the highest level of customer service to everyone they work with. In over 30 years of experience, we have never forgotten the importance of the human side of doing business in this fast-paced industry.

Product Liability, General Liability, Program Management, Sports, Leisure and Recreation, Artists & Crafters, Beauty & Cosmetics, Cannabis, CBD/Hemp, Handmade Beauty, Program Business, Foreign Liability, Nutraceuticals, Product Recall, Products E&O & Small Business.

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CMR Consulting, located in Olathe, KS, works hard to meet each of its client’s individual needs and help them make sense of the confusing intricacies of insurance claims. CMR Consulting’s principle, Chantal M. Roberts, gained a thorough understanding of insurance claims throughout her career and is a reliable consultant for attorneys. She shares her comprehensive knowledge to help them better understand specific features of insurance claims.

The logo of CMR Consulting consists of three houses as an interlocking puzzle piece to signify how insurance policies can be similar to a puzzle for many people. It takes time to put these pieces together in order to see the larger picture. CMR Consulting, founded in November 2018, is poised to assist insurers and policyholders’ attorneys as an expert witness understand insurance industry customs, practices, and standards for claim handling.

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Merlinos & Associates is a leading actuarial consulting firm providing expert insurance and risk advice to captive insurers, risk retention groups, self-insured entities, insurers/reinsurers, regulators, law firms, audit firms, brokers, agencies, municipalities, and more.

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