Susan Etter

Vice President, Professional Program Insurance Brokerage

Susan Etter, Vice President of Underwriting, has been at the forefront of insurance program development since joining Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB) in 2010.   Susan has over 20 years of insurance experience and continues to be passionate about what she does.      At PPIB, Susan works with carriers to design programs, including policy forms, rates and underwriting criteria to meet the needs of specific industries.   This has helped PPIB more than triple in volume since she first started working there.   Specifically, she has been instrumental in the creation and oversight of PPIB’s current Cannabis program.  In addition, Susan understands loss control and takes an active interest in overseeing claims experience.  She has been a speaker at various professional industry conferences and is a published writer in both digital and physical magazines across the niche areas PPIB insures.