Wayne Richman

Founder & Executive Director, California Hemp Association and California Hemp Foundation

I’m the Executive Director and Founder of both the California Hemp Association (Business and Consumer business association; politics) and the California Hemp Foundation (established agricultural research institution exempted farms) legal under SB566, and SB1409; a California legal oddity vs federal law.Wayne is a former Apple, Inc. business development executive and later, became a senior sales executive with the education division, and was responsible for the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles County Office of Education accounts for Apple, Inc.

These were among Apple’s largest education accounts. The account team raised market share from 16% to 64% in six years. We did this with a team of five people.

Well versed in politics with this and prior experience as a local realtor; a member of the Governmental Relations Committee of the L.A. Realtor Board.,Wayne had contact at the highest levels in local government during these times.

A serial entrepreneur, founded and currently runs Tone-Guard®, an electric guitar parts company in Sherman Oaks, CA (Los Angeles County).